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Discover healthier living with the iTeraCare Health Physiotherapy Device. This breakthrough terahertz technology device promotes natural wellness by harnessing the power of terahertz waves.

Developed by the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology and manufactured by Deshang Technology, the iTeraCare Device utilizes a combination of Chinese and Western medical principles. Extensive research and testing stands behind this innovative health tool.

The iTeraCare generates terahertz vibrations between 2THz-17THz, resonating at frequencies that align with the body’s natural rhythms. This helps stimulate cellular revitalization and improve microcirculation.

The device is safe, penetrating up to 30cm into the body. It aims to strengthen healthy cells, activate weak ones, and boost the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Experience the benefits of boosted circulation, balanced immune function, therapy for aches and pains, and an overall sense of revitalization. The iTeraCare harnesses proven science to promote natural wellness.

While initial adverse reactions may occur, these typically subside with regular use. Simple precautions like avoiding cold and AC environments after use can help maximize results.

Pursue healthier living on your own terms with the revolutionary technology of the iTeraCare Health Physiotherapy Device. Consult your physician before use and be sure to carefully follow all instructions.

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The recent deal on iTeraCare just finished. Make sure to visit before Black Friday 2023 or Christmas month. The IteraCare Classic 2.0 Terahertz Wand is a device that uses terahertz technology to improve health and well-being. Terahertz technology is a type of electromagnetic wave band that consists of frequencies between microwave and infrared frequencies, ranging from 30 micrometers to 3,000 micrometers. The IteraCare Classic Wand 2.0 Device produces heat and frequency waves in this range, which resonate at the same frequency as normal cells in the body and generate millions of vibrations per second. This technology has been developed and researched by the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology and is manufactured by Dashang, the only official manufacturer in the world.
The IteraCare Terahertz Classic 2.0 Device has key features such as safety, penetration, identification, activation, and user-friendliness. It is certified and patented by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology and can be safely used on any person, including infants. It can penetrate up to 30 centimeters into the body and improve micro blood circulation and eliminate body humidity.
The main differences between Iteracare 2.0 and Iteracare 1.0 are the location of the switch, the design of the quartz tube attachment, the packaging, and size. In Iteracare 2.0, the switch is located at the base of the unit near the power cord and the quartz tube is more securely attached to the base unit with a screw-on design. Additionally, the device is now packaged in a handled box for easy transportation, storage, and packing. The device is a few cm shorter than the Iteracare 1.0. The components of the device have not been modified from Iteracare 1.0.
Iteracare Terahertz wand is a new approach to holistic healing and wellness. It utilizes patented, 21st century technology to provide a unique and effective way to improve overall health and well-being. While the Iteracare Device is not a medical instrument, it incorporates advanced technologies that have been specifically designed to promote healing and wellness in a natural and non-invasive way. By using the Iteracare Device, individuals can take control of their own health and pursue a path towards optimal wellness.
Iteracare New Mexico is a licensed distributor/stockist of Iteracare devices in the United States and is authorized by Prife International to sell and distribute these devices globally.
The products are guaranteed to be genuine and are supplied directly by Prife International.
You can visit the website for more information on purchasing an Iteracare device in the USA, or contact (575) 652.6775 for more information.

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