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Iteracare Using 3 IN 1 technology:
Terahertz Frequency, Quantum, and crystal Quartz

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(THz) Terahertz Technology examines how Terahertz waves interact with the natural vibrations of cells, which is called cellular resonance. These waves can penetrate tissues without causing harm and might influence how cells function by interacting with their components like proteins and DNA. Researchers are exploring how this interaction could be used for non-invasive imaging, understanding cellular processes, and advancing medical diagnostics.
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Quantum Technology is a cutting-edge field that uses the rules of very small particles (quantum mechanics) to create amazing new tools. It's like using the secrets of these tiny particles to make special devices that can do things regular technology can't. One of the things quantum technology explores is how these particles vibrate together in a synchronized way, called "resonance," especially in cells. By understanding this, we can develop super-sensitive sensors, study how cells work in more detail, and maybe even find new ways to help sick people feel better.
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Crystal Quartz Technology plays a crucial role in stabilizing frequencies in various devices and systems. Quartz crystals have a unique property where they vibrate at a precise and consistent frequency when exposed to an electric field, making them ideal for maintaining stable frequencies. This stability is harnessed in applications like clocks, watches, communication devices, and signal filters. Quartz crystals ensure that signals remain accurate and reliable over time, contributing to the smooth functioning of electronics, telecommunications, and other technologies that depend on consistent frequency management.

Revolutionary Terahertz Device:

iteracare terahertz device
Iteracare Device

Introducing the iTeraCare Health Physiotherapy Device, a revolutionary device with groundbreaking terahertz technology. This device is set to transform lives and revolutionize healthcare. Developed by the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology, it has been extensively tested and manufactured by Deshang Technology Co., Ltd., the sole official manufacturer. Distributed worldwide by Prife International, based in Malaysia, the iTeraCare device combines Chinese and Western cytology technology.

Terahertz is an electromagnetic wave band between microwave and infrared frequencies, resonating at the same frequency as normal cells in our bodies. With a range of 2 terahertz to 17 terahertz, it generates millions of vibrations per second, providing a unique therapeutic experience. This technology is among the top 10 most advanced technologies in the fields of health science, military, agriculture, and communication.

The iTeraCare device boasts several features. Firstly, it is certified, renowned, and patented by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology and Sinochem, ensuring its safety. It can be safely used on anyone, including infants, without contraindications. Secondly, the device has impressive penetration capabilities, reaching up to 30 centimeters into the body, including bone marrow, micro blood vessels, and capillaries. It enhances micro blood circulation and eliminates water retention.

iTeraCare strengthens healthy cells, repairs damaged cells, and expels unhealthy cells. It also clears blocked passages, vessels, and detoxifies all cells in the body. The device regulates body temperature, improves the immune system, and activates weak and inactive cells, enabling them to perform to their full potential. Additionally, it is user-friendly, requiring no professional skills to operate. Simply blowing on the affected areas can provide therapeutic benefits.

The advantages of the iTeraCare Health Device lie in its continuous research and upgrading, incorporating three core technologies: terahertz, quantum, and optical quartz. It has undergone stringent tests and inspections by national authorities, ensuring both safety and effectiveness. With numerous test reports from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it provides quality assurance and comes with a one-year warranty.

It is important to follow usage precautions, such as limiting extended use, ensuring proper air ventilation, handling the device with care to avoid damage to delicate crystal tubes, and allowing the device to cool down completely before storage.

iTeraCare is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy device utilizing terahertz technology. Manufactured by Deshang Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed worldwide by Prife International, it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve the well-being of individuals globally.
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Choose our services for a trustworthy experience rooted in authenticity and quality. We guarantee genuine products, backed by manufacturer warranties and reliable post-purchase support. Benefit from expert guidance, early access to new releases, and consistent, fair pricing aligned with industry standards. Safety and compliance are paramount, and our longstanding reputation speaks to our reliability. Plus, enjoy easy access to Iteracare spare parts, ensuring warranty validity and supporting brand sustainability. With us, you're making a reliable choice every time.

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Iteracare New Mexico Stockist, holds authorization as a distributor and stockist of Iteracare devices in New Mexico and across the USA.

Our licensing agreement with Prife International empowers us to market and deliver these devices across the USA and worldwide. Our devices are authentic and directly from Prife International, ensuring their authenticity.

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 “Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”
~ Jeremiah 17:14 (NIV)

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